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What we do

Your business needs high-quality, relevant content for connecting with the right customers and selling your products. But you’ve been in business long enough to know that writing content yourself isn’t sustainable.

You can’t be the chief content creator and grow your business at the same time. As the founder, writing blog posts, newsletters, or your lead magnets has the lowest return-on-investment: it prevents you from investing your most crucial resources—your time and energy—in product development and business growth.

Outsourcing content shouldn’t be hit & miss...

...Yet that’s what you get if you try hiring a freelancer or using a content-mill. Hit-and-miss quality, or worse: Fluff content your customers can smell from a mile. Not to mention the headaches and time it takes to recruit, test, train, and manage your own writers.

And what about all the legwork that writers don’t do, like editing, images, publishing blog posts, and distributing to your audience? Doing all that busy-work yourself will keep your to-do list underwater for months!

How do you create engaging content regularly when you need to complete or oversee a million tasks every single day? You don’t. Because we do! Why not get that on-demand content for your business written by professionals for a flat monthly fee that's:

Content Optimized For SEO

All content is optimized for SEO and designed to rank well on Google

Incorporates Your Brand Tone

Our writers determine your brand voice and write accordingly

Fits Your Content Schedule

Content is produced in a few days with the option to expedite.

Put your content creation on autopilot

We scale with your business — the more content you need, the more you'll get, and your costs never change

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Meet your content team

We get you on-demand access to a team of professional writers hence it's time you stop spending hours on Upwork looking for expensive freelancers. Simply request content copy whenever you want (articles, blogs, social, web page, etc.) with free of charge revisions and edits. We also offer automated social media scheduling

User Friendly Process

Our self-serve website lets you request content on your schedule.

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Fast Messaging

Flexible scheduling lets you expedite content if needed and content is fully original and written exclusively for you

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Premium Features

Let ContentisKey handle all your content marketing, including scheduling, for an extra fee

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14-day money back guarantee.Cancel any time

Get a dedicated writer for your business.
On average 4,500 — 5,000 words per month, with the option to get more for a small fee.
For single article, you can request it at $7 for 500 words

  • On-demand articles with unlimited free revisions
  • Dedicated, specialized writer
  • Royalty-free images and 16 hours customer support per day